Whitby Jet Bracelets made using only the finest gem quality Whitby Jet. Designed and set in such way that the deep black intense lustre of the Whitby Jet contrasts perfectly with the clean lines of the sterling silver surround to give a look of pure class. 

Our range of Whitby Jet Bracelets are designed so that they can  either be an eye-catching stand alone piece or, in some cases, also be part of a co-ordinated set of jewellery with  matching earrings or pendant. We have designs  made up of the the classic shaped links, round and oval ,as well as more contemporary styles such as teardrop or marquise. As with all our jewellery ranges , our bracelets, where required, carry full Uk Hallmarks. For your peace of mind and in order to guarantee the quality of the silver we work with, our pieces are assayed and hallmarked at Sheffield Assay Office to confirm the fineness of our Sterling Silver. Please enjoy browsing our interesting range of Whitby Jet Bracelets and don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

Shopping Rule: If it’s not black, put it back!

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