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Welcome to the home of Whitby Jet. We hope you enjoy browsing around our website and online shop. If you are lucky enough to be visiting the area why not come along and see us in person at 138 Church St, at the very heart of  Whitby’s historic East Side. Our beautiful 17th century building is waiting for you to explore and  houses our collections of hand crafted Whitby Jet jewellery.  Of course you can also  shop online here , and learn lots of Whitby Jet facts here

Welcome to The Ebor Jetworks , the home of Whitby Jet research and Whitby Jet information. All our jewellery is handmade in our C17th premises in Whitby’s historic eastside from the finest locally collected Whitby Jet.   Sarah, the founder of our business, is a qualified geologist, senior accredited gemmologist and  Doctoral researcher based at Durham University. Her ongoing research is challenging not only our perceptions of Whitby Jet as a gemstone but also as a material of significant cultural importance to the community that works it as a way of life, an occupation with routes in the Neolithic in the Whitby area.

What is Whitby jet?

Whitby jet is the name given to the rare type of fossilisation of wood that occurs in the Jurassic age rocks of the North York Moors in northern England. Although jet is formed in other locations around the world, our jet here in Whitby is considered the best gem quality resource in the world. Whitby jet has been worked in the area for over 5000 years and here at the Ebor Jetworks we are maintaining the traditional way of working this historic material as a cottage industry. We currently have three generations of our family making our jewellery here in Whitby’s historic Church Street. Discover more Whitby Jet facts and folklore here.

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“The romance of the Yorkshire Coast began in the early morning of earth’s long day. Everything we see around us bears the impress of innumerable yesterdays”

The prologue to history is not written in books. It is inscribed upon the rocks and hidden in the dark earth.

Every age is an age of wonders. There is always something which appears to be beyond the ken of mortal men.

The brilliant noonday of the year reveals enchantment everywhere along the Yorkshire Coast.

There were giants in those days, and long ago the simple folk of this district believed in all manner of wonders and miracles.

Ebor Jetworks is housed in a quirky C17th cottage on historic Church Street. We are open every day and a free Whitby Jet working demonstration is available from 10.30-5.30 daily. Learn more Our Historic Building Not only are we experts in the identification of jet and it’s many simulants but also the geology gemmology and history of this culturally important British gemstone. We truly are the home of Whitby Jet research! Learn all the latest Whitby Jet information  by exploring our site and  also discover fascinating Jet simulants  here

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