The Ebor Jetworks Ltd is one of a handful of manufacturers still working Whitby Jet as a way of life. Jet-working is a vocation, the material is our passion and as such we will never compromise on the quality of Whitby Jet we use. In order to fully control our supply chain, we choose to work Whitby Jet as a cottage industry.   All of our Whitby Jet is collected within a four-mile radius of our shop making Whitby Jet, in the way we work it, probably the most ethical gem industry on earth. As the only professional scientist to work Whitby Jet as a craft material, Sarah is perfectly positioned to certify that only the finest Whitby Jet is used in the creation of our jewellery. Sadly, the demand for Whitby Jet will, in periods of high demand outstrip the supply and this allows for the introduction of simulants into the market, as both rough material at the bottom of the supply chain and also as finished items for the mass retail market. The largest threat to the current Whitby Jet market is a material from the Georgian Republic, sometimes referred to as Caucasus Jet. This material, despite being a true jet material, does not share the enhanced stability and durability of Whitby Jet and with a reduced shelf-life, leaves the consumer disappointed.

We also personally hand-make all our jewellery on the premises at 138 Church Street.Find us here Nowhere else on earth is it possible to buy a gemstone collected, cut, shaped and polished by the person who retails the product to you.  We demonstrate jet-working daily in our premises, and it is often possible to have an item custom-crafted for you within an hour or two. We are also happy to cut your own jet if you are lucky enough to find a piece yourselves, making the item even more special  

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