The Ebor Jetworks Whitby Jet Museum grew out of a need for Sarah to house and catalogue her extensive Whitby Jet collection. This space is now home to our teaching and research materials.

Our Whitby Jet Museum contains the country’s largest collection of Whitby Jet simulants including over 30 species of rough gem materials. Many other materials have been retailed as jet over the past 150 years, a problem for the Whitby Jet industry to the present day. We also have an extensive collection of Whitby Jet simulants made into jewellery and artefacts, including an extensive range of Victorian mourning jewellery.

Sarah, a senior accredited gemmologist is the only professional researcher in the field of Hydrocarbon Gemmology. She is currently a postgraduate Whitby Jet researcher at Durham University. Learn more Whitby Jet simulants.  Advanced Testing on Jet

Our museum space is also used for talks and jet education sessions. We can hold events for up to 15 people and have a wide range of options available for groups of all ages and abilities. Our previous talks have ranged from school children to historical re-enactors to advanced gemmologists. Please contact us if you would like to attend an event or have a group that would like to visit.

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