Is Whitby Jet still mined and where is Whitby Jet found? Whitby Jet has not been mined since the late C19th. 300 mines were documented all of which are either collapsed or incredibly dangerous. 

Victorian jet mines were not propped, relying on the Top Jet Dogger, a slightly harder limestone strata to support the roof. Please do not be tempted to enter a mine, there is plenty of jet on our beaches. Coastal erosion breaks jet up and eventually the sea will deliver it to us on the tide. Our Whitby cliffs are oilshales and as such very friable. Cliff-falls are frequent and can be deadly. Please stay away from the cliffs and don’t be tempted to remove jet or fossils from the cliffs.

Most of the beaches where jet can be found are accessible two hours before low tide. Ensure you know the tide times before venturing out. The best place to find jet is on the tide line. Almost all the stones on our beaches are black when wet so its useful to take a piece of wet and dry sandpaper along with you. Whitby Jet draws light brown, coal draws black and stones draw white! Learn more What is Whitby Jet?

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