Whitby Jet and gold jewellery have inspired our ancestors for millennia.  Our Oro Collection combines these two elements in a match made in heaven.              

Whitby Jet set in gold gives a whole new dimension to our collections. Instead of the strong contrast of Whitby Jet set in silver which we all know looks so striking, the black and gold contrast achieved with this combination looks more subtle and almost warmer in appearance. Each of our gold pieces is assayed and hallmarked in accordance with Uk hallmarking laws. We use Sheffield Assay office for our testing and marking, so each piece carries a full set of marks. These being ,metal and fineness mark, Office stamp, date mark and our makers mark. Hallmarking is the customers guarantee that the metal used is of  the standard it is advertised as and we are proud to help maintain the integrity of this historic system. The quality of our Whitby Jet is also tested and verified by our in house gemmologist to ensure that only the finest gem quality, locally sourced by beach combing our North Yorkshire coastline along approximately an 8 mile stretch. You can find out more about how to look for raw Whitby Jet here. As with all our collections, our Whitby Jet and gold jewellery pieces are all set in our workshop situated in the very heart of Whitby’s traditional jet working district in our C17th building by one of our  talented in house lapidaries. Each of whom take great pride in working with this ancient material to create beautiful pieces of jewellery.

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