Whitby Jet Pendants are a safe bet for a surprise gift as almost everyone loves a pendant

  Whitby Jet is extremely light in weight so a jet pendant is really comfortable to wear.   Our certified  genuine Whitby Jet is hand-selected by Sarah and is cut, shaped and polished before being set in either 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver settings. Each of  our pendants is supplied complete with a 16,18 or 20″ sterling silver chain.  Your Whitby Jet pendant will have  been expertly set  with genuine Whitby Jet by one of our experienced Ebor team. If you would like to know a bit more about them and put a face to the person behind your jewellery then please follow this link

         When it comes to us selecting the piece of Whitby jet to set you  can also be reassured. We have the only fully qualified senior accredited gemmologist  (FGA DGA) specialising in Jet Materials identification in the world, amongst our ranks. This means that all of our Whitby Jet is scrutinised and tested before it ever makes it to the workbench, where , at each stage of production it is monitored and inspected to ensure the quality of the final piece.                                                                  At The Ebor Jetworks we absolutely love what we do and the pieces of jewellery we create. Our work gives us not only a sense of pride but of belonging to and contributing to a way of life that has been a part of Whitbys heritage for thousands of years. By choosing a piece of Whitby Jet jewellery from us, you too help promote and continue that heritage and we hope you enjoy your jewellery as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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