Whitby Jet crosses are first seen in the C1st from a British perspective. At this time they are in the form of balanced or equal-armed crosses often decorated with the circumpucnt motif. Christianity is quick to adopt jet, using it for rosary beads and other forms of ecclesiastical ornament, of course including crosses… Learn more about the wide variety of uses for Whitby Jet throughout history.

Our range of Whitby Jet Crosses includes  both traditional and more contemporary designs. Each setting is made from British sterling silver and set with the finest gem quality Whitby Jet, responsibly sourced  locally from the shore along the Whitby coastline. Our guaranteed Whitby Jet is then selected, cut, shaped ,set and polished by one of our experienced craftsmen in our workshop  situated right in the heart of the traditional jet working area on Whitbys historic east side. Each of our Whitby Jet Crosses comes  complete on sterling silver chain of which you can choose your preferred length when selecting your particular choice of cross.        Each of our pieces of Whitby Jet Jewellery is presented in one of our stylish “Ebor Jetworks” branded boxes, complete with one of our information booklets about us, Whitby Jet and which also serves as your guarantee of genuine Whitby Jet, as tested and verified by our onsite senior accredited gemmologist (FGA DGA). 

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