We were delighted to have Laurence join our ranks in 2017. 

Laurence Mitchell is a graphic designer who expanded into the world of sound design and site specific art installations incorporating light/projections and surround sound. With a move to Whitby, there also came a change in artistic direction. Founding member with his wife, Decadent Drawing was formed as a monthly themed alternative art experience, allowing those who’d not touched a pencil in years to engage and enjoy artistic practices again. 

Laurence is now however better known as one half of the creative genius responsible for Whitby Krampus Run which evolved from one such Decadent Drawing session.

Krampus has taken on a life of its own and now become Whitby’s most exciting must go to yearly event, the costumed street parade ‘Whitby Krampus Run’. Sarah Caldwell Steele used to regularly attend the Decadent Drawing sessions and her artistic practice improved greatly. She returned the favour a few years later by employing a Laurence and teaching him to be the best duster (and fledgling jet worker) he could be.

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