Whitby Jet and Coral Earrings £250.00

Whitby Jet and coral has been a popular combination since the C15th. Coral has from prehistory symbolised life and blood force energy.  When worn as to be plainly visible, it is considered a protective amulet, used against the evil eye, demons, furies, succubi, incubi, and phantasma among other ills. During the Middle Age, people used to hide a piece of coral in their purse, thought then to be a talisman against witchcraft. It’s interesting that Whitby Jet was also considered an amulet to ward off witches during the medieval period. These earrings are totally unique so the coral, in particular, will vary in each pair. The coral we use is from antique jewellery reclaimed for use in a modern context. Please contact us if you’d like a variation in the design and allow 14 days for delivery after ordering. This pair measure 7cm.

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