Whitby Jet jewellery has been produced in our historic cottage since the mid 1880’s. Whitby Jet has a long and complex history of usuage in the British Isles. It first appears in the archaeological record in the Neolithic and has been used continuously ever since. The pinacle of jet production was during the Victorian era with Whitby Jet being adopted by almost every court in Europe as the epitome of mourning fashion. At the Ebor Jetworks we choose to hand make all our jewellery in the traditional way. Only a handfull of other makers still work Whitby Jet as a cottage industry. Our business has a carbon footprint of less than four miles from the furthest collection points to our retail workshop, making our jewellery some of the most ethically produced in the world. Sarah is a geologist, senior acredited gemmologist and postgraduate jet researcher at Durham University. All of our gem material is personally selected by Sarah and as such you can rest assured that you are receiving the finest quality certified Whitby Jet. All of our Whitby Jet is set in either 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver. Pendants are supplied complete with appropriate 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver chains. As we hand make all our products please allow seven days for delivery. Of course if an item is required quickly we will aim to accomodate you.


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