Much of Sarah’s research involves us working closely with museums and other historical researchers. We are experts in the jet working techniques used in antiquity, and through experimental archaeology we are better able to understand the methods used by our ancestors.

We are able to make a large range of museum quality Whitby Jet replicas. We are always true to the material however and if the original artefact was, in our opinion, not made from Whitby Jet then we are not prepared to make an inaccurate replica. We do however carry a stock of other gem hydrocarbons used in antiquity and may be able to fulfil replica demands with more appropriate materials.

“And if they were pagans, they were splendid pagans, worshiping mighty gods, and looking forward without fear to a Valhalla of endless and triumphant warfare”

Whitby Jet has been used for the protection of dwellings for the last two millennia. As recently as 1860 a witch was evicted from her home and prevented from reentering by the use of a witch charm nailed to the doorframe. More often, the charms were attached to a witch post, a carved post by the side of an inglenook fireplace. This device was utilised to prevent a witch descending the chimney and entering the home.

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