Whitby Jet and Marcasite jewellery really does look simply stunning. Marcasite jewellery evokes a feeling of a time gone by. A time of glamour, sophistication and of course, just perhaps a touch of decadence! Here we have combined the deep beautiful warm mirror finish of the Whitby Jet  with the elegant glint given off from the Marcasite to give us a magnificent effect.  

Our Whitby Jet and Marcasite jewellery collection has pieces named after the era from which we found the inspiration for them. Indeed the collection is called “The Gatsby” in reference to  one of the most famous and decadent of the time. Others, such as the “Erhart” and the “Pablo” remind us that the age  was also one of cultural and social  change as well as a time of adventure and extraordinary human achievement. All of our Jewellery is made using the finest Whitby Jet. Collected from the shoreline around the Whitby area ,verified for quality by our in-house senior accredited gemmologist (FGA,DGA) before being worked in our historic Whitby Jet workshop located right at the heart of the towns famous jet working area. Read more about Whitby Jet. Whilst our Whitby Jet is quite durable the Marcasite can be adversely affected by use of cleaning solutions, silver dips, or contact with chemical substances and to that affect we advise against the jewellery coming into contact with such substances. 

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