Whitby Jet and ammonite inlay jewellery is some of our favourite and most popular pieces. The association of Whitby Jet and serpents is over 2000 years old. In 767 when St Hilda founded Whitby Abbey she discovered the headland infested with snakes. We are told she carried out a miracle and casts the serpents over the cliff, turning them to coils of stone on The Scar below. These stone serpents are of course our fossil ammonites, they even feature on the towns coat of arms if you look closely the next time you see it.  It’s traditional to combine the Whitby Jet with ammonites. Here’s our take on the legend. Due to the variations brought about during the  natural fossilisation of the ammonites  each of our Whitby Jet and Ammonite inlay pieces will appear slightly different, making each unique.  All our Whitby Jet is found on the beaches around Whitby. Learn more about our Whitby Jet What is Whitby Jet?

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